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Irrespective of building type our team will plan install and document any Passive Fire Protection solutions you require; the works will be completed by our qualified staff using only quality materials from reputable manufacturers. BUILDR Fire Protection uses only certified and tested products from reputable suppliers such as but not limited to nullifier firetherm ,firus and CPG Europe group .
All our works will be documented and recorded using our specialist bolster system and on completion a report will be issued to the client by our in-house compliance officers. Our employees ensure that all the Fire Protection works comply with the current building regulations.

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All fire departments, such as fire walls etc. are inspected for integrity and areas which require attention are identified.
All our operatives are trained in the installation of fire protection barriers by AFSP, and we offer full planning assistance and consultation before the start of construction.


All drawings for the building are uploaded to the app, enabling inspectors and installers to drop location pins that highlight the exact areas where this is an issue or work planned.


The app also allows us to document all aspects of an inspection, pin-by-pin and provide information on what needs to be done. When the inspection or survey is completed, a full report is generated and made available online.


Thanks to all these steps, projects are made easily manageable through one app. Clients are also able to keep track of all inspection, survey and remedial works as they are being carried out and see exact progress.

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